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Did you know that…

… nearly 50% of employees and 53% of managers report that they’re burned out at work?

… leadership ranks forth on the list of most in-demand skills globally for 2023?

As organizations look to fortify themselves and enhance their agility, resilience, and growth potential, soft skills in the workplace are becoming increasingly important. Employing a workforce of creative and critical thinkers, who can communicate and collaborate effectively, handle complex situations, lead teams, and manage time and stress is essential for any organization’s success. At the same time, soft skills play a big role in individuals’ career advancement. Regardless of how strong one’s technical skills are, if they are unpleasant to colleagues, unwilling to collaborate, difficult to communicate with, and can’t adapt to change or solve problems, they will find it difficult to do well at work.


At ERGO.Academy, we design, develop, and implement programs that help participants to:

  • learn how to prioritize, efficiently manage time, handle tension and stress, and achieve a sustainable work-life balance, avoiding overwork and burnout

  • learn how to lead and manage teams, listen actively, give constructive feedback in an empathetic way, and manage conflict and dispute

  • better adapt to change, whether abrupt/ rapid, e.g., as a result of a merger or an acquisition, or gradual, e.g., as a result of an organizational transformation

  • better respond to the needs of high-stress jobs, e.g., seafarers, healthcare professionals

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