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Holistic approach

The design and implementation of our actions and programs are based on a holistic approach, offering the opportunity to empower and educate not only the child but also all those important people in the child’s life, such as parents and various professionals, who by their role affect but also become affected, making a significant impact.


Children's rights

We plan and implement all our actions with absolute respect for the rights of the child, as recorded in the UN International Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).


Involvement in decision-making and planning

The children participate in all important for them decisions as well as in the planning of the actions that concern them.


Peer education

Children are trained and supported so that they can also act as educators for their peers.


Joy and creativity

It’s our purpose all training processes and cultivation of children’s skills to be designed and implemented in a spirit of joy and creativity, elements very important for a positive experience and a meaningful learning.


Continuous personal development

Our activities aim to the personal development and progress of all participants, whether they concern children and young people, or their parents and the various professionals who support them through their role.


Scientific documentation

The design and implementation of our actions and programs are based on scientific data and research of actual psycho-social-pedagogical needs.


Transparency of actions

All our actions and programs are characterized by full transparency towards everyone involved, such as the community and our supporters and sponsors.

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