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Did you know that…

… 66% of working parents in the US meet the criteria for parental burnout?

Let’s face it: Parenting can be hard and stressful. Worrying about their children’s present and future is a natural procedure for parents, which, in healthy doses, keeps children safe and on the right track. Are they growing properly? Are they eating enough? How are their social skills? Is their vocabulary developed enough? The list goes on and on. And as most parents have now returned to a new post-pandemic normal, their feeling that they are not present enough, that they are not doing enough for their kids, or that they don’t have the skills to prepare their children for their adult life, can be heightened.


At ERGO.Academy, we design, develop, and implement programs that help participants to:

  • get introduced to positive parenting, learn how to build a healthy relationship and meaningful communication/ interaction with children

    • for parents with toddlers: tantrums, discipline, mealtime/ picky eating, screen time, sleep, school refusal, aggression, sharing, new baby/ sibling conflict, parent preference

    • for parents with teenagers: poor school performance, disrespect, risky behavior, alcohol/ drugs consumption, anger, aggressive/ delinquent behaviors, emotional distance

  • raise independent, responsible, empathetic, and emotionally and mentally stable children

    • learning how to talk to children about loss/ death, sickness, and divorce

  • understand how to talk to kids/ teenagers about sex

  • deal with social, emotional, behavioral, developmental, or complex health care needs

  • manage parental stress, enhance their self-confidence, reduce the feeling of guilt

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