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Did you know that…

… only 28% of Americans have adequate knowledge of nutrition and health, and only 12% are aware of hidden sugars in foods they eat?

… almost one out of ten Greek adolescents presents signs of serious eating disorder?

Nutrition often draws headlines around obesity, chronic disease, and our national health. And while headlines come and go, how we empower people for lifelong wellness requires an immersive educational experience. The importance of nutrition education lies in the opportunity to empower people to make sustainable, well-informed food choices, but also to get their information from high-quality, reliable sources. Education can provide adequate knowledge and skills necessary for critical thinking regarding diet and health, so that the individual can make healthy food choices from an increasingly complex food supply. According to research, nutrition education can also teach people to recognize how healthy diet influences emotional well-being and how emotions may influence eating habits.


At ERGO.Academy, we design, develop, and implement programs that help participants to:

  • understand how food affects their body and health and learn about the benefits of healthy eating and the conditions a bad diet can cause

  • familiarize with the concept of (negative/ distorted) body image and learn how to recognize eating disorders and how to prevent these/ how to support people suffering from these

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