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Did you know that…

… even if all countries with net-zero commitments deliver on their aspirations, global warming is projected to reach 1.7°C by 2100?

… energy-related CO₂ emissions increased 6% in 2021, reaching the highest level ever?

… 17+ million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean in 2021, an amount projected to double or triple by 2040?

Environmental education brings to light the habitat we belong to, the challenges we face, and the solutions we need to act on to save the planet we call home. Humans dealt so much with raising all aspects of living to the point that environmental degradation has taken a toll on human evolution and progression. Aside from gained awareness, environmental education enables learners to connect to the bigger picture that affects every one of us, not just in the present but for the years to come, and teaches them how to develop a sustainable lifestyle. Especially for children and teenagers, environmental education teaches respect and fosters skills important for succeeding in the future, such as investigating, questioning, analyzing, interpreting, and developing solutions.


At ERGO.Academy, we design, develop, and implement programs that educate and empower their participants to make informed choices in environment-related matters, in areas such as (indicatively):

  • Natural resources

    • Energy

    • Air

    • Soil

    • Water (seas/ coasts/ freshwater ecosystems and the water cycle)

    • Resource efficiency, responsible consumption, and waste management

  • Biodiversity and forests

  • Climate change

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