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Did you know that…

… 17% of Europeans believe that some “races” are born less intelligent than others?

… globally, half of students aged 13-15 – some 150 million – report experiencing peer-to-peer violence in and around school?

… more than one in five employed people worldwide (23%) have experienced one or more forms of violence or harassment at work in their lives?

… more than one in four women (26%) aged 15 years and older have suffered violence at the hands of their partners at least once?

Diversity awareness is one’s ability to embrace the uniqueness of all individuals along several dimensions such as race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, age, gender, physical abilities, political beliefs, and socioeconomic status. Diversity awareness skills extend beyond mere tolerance to encompass exploration of such individual differences, respecting them, and ultimately nurturing a healthy relationship with the individual despite the differences. By cultivating this sense of understanding, people develop sensitivity to those they’ll be in contact with throughout the course of their work, school, or social lives.

Through education, people can fortify and armor themselves against harassment, intimidation, bullying, and violence. They can also be empowered to become upstanders, rather than bystanders, when they witness such behaviors.


At ERGO.Academy, we design, develop and implement programs that help participants to:

  • internalize the concept that all races, cultures, religions, (sexual) identities, and languages should be recognized and valued

    • understand the concept of consent

  • uproot stereotypical views and negative prejudice

  • recognize (sexual) harassment, intimidation, and bullying practices

  • learn how to prevent and safely respond to these/ intervene in such cases

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